Saturday, December 18, 2010

/rant BOps Zombies, FIVE

SO **cough** I chose Zombies over sleep, and I entered lobby number one. Total NOOBS, we died at round 7. SEVEN. Why? Because they were non-mic having, window stealing idiots, and I had no warning that the zombies were pouring through all the other windows until I saw 3 REVIVE icons AT ONCE. SMFH. On to lobby number two. I'm playing with a split-screener duo, and one immediately asks me if I knew any glitches. I tell him I don't need glitches. WE proceed to start and he tries to look 'cool' and DIES. Then his accomplice DIES. And this is level FOUR. I DO NOT BUY GUNS TIL LEVEL 5 or 6. So since the zombies are on all sides of me and all I have is a stupid handgun, WE DIE. NOOBS. On to the third and last lobby of the night. Two dudes, who seem to be friends, initiate some cheerful banter with me. We get to level 14 or 16, I forgot. We're in the elevator between the middle and lower floor, and 'JWood' (is what I shall refer to him as) is shooting the outward exit along with myself while his friend handles the back window. 'JWood' seems to think it's smart to stand IN THE FUCKING CENTER of the elevator and then bitch and complain that he can't shoot cause I'm in the way. Then HE KEEPS CALLING ME DUDE. Idk why, but people calling me DUDE irks the shit outta me. SO I correct him saying, 'I'm not a fking dude, ok? Stop your fking complaining and GTFO the middle of the elevator and maybe I won't be in your fking way'. We go back and forth, he calls me a bitch, I call him a fking idiot, etc. He attempts an insult, saying, 'You're a girl? No way, you sound like an 8 year old Gary Coleman'. WTF? o_O O_o Ok? Am I supposed to be insulted by that? Was that the worst thing he could really come up with? SMH. Anyway, HE DIES. His FRIEND DIES. And they block the damn controls to the elevator so I can't even close the door to revive them and I get ambushed with just a Stakeout and FN FAL. Then 'JWood's friend says,'No really...that was a girl?' -_- -_- -_- -_- We go back to the pre-game lobby and I tell him he's a fking IDIOT, and he leaves after whispering 'bitch'. He WHISPERED IT and left LOL. Pansy ass. What's even funnier is that before he started on his period, he keep complaining that he was shivering. I asked him if he was cold or something and he said that every time he plays Zombies, he starts shivering and shaking and he can't help it. LMAO. WTF. XD HAHA. Anyway...yeah /endrant. Yay ^_^ I feel better now. He's actually very lucky everyone in my house is asleep or else I woulda let the wrath of Shady unleash on his ass, and he REALLY would have been sorry. Til next time, folks! <3

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