Saturday, February 22, 2014

Small update!

It's been MONTHS since my last blog post, but this is just a minor update to allow people who use the app Instagram to follow me there also. I post not only personal photos (family related kind of things) but many funny gaming and meme photos as well. :) You can find me @Imshady <3

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Curse of Chucky...YES. THANK YOU.

My thoughts on the new movie Curse Of Chucky? MUCH BETTER than Seed of Chucky. What in the fuck were they thinking when they made that shit? -_- This one has a better storyline and his face is creepy as shit with that smile. Oh yeah...the ending didn't piss me off, much more of a cliffhanger...a GOOD one. :D Thank you movie makers for a GOOD *back story* on Chucky! Finally, we see what drove Charles Lee Ray to run into the Good Guys shop (I thought he ran into a factory in the original? Or am I mistaken?), after what I initially thought he was running because he murdered somebody. They always mentioned he was a murderer, so I figured the cops were after him for one of those. The killing wasn't really gruesome as some may think...kind of eh, but I guess it's because it WAS a straight to DVD movie. Not really a lot of blood, actually no nudity than I can recall off the top of my head...which is rare for horror movies these days. The main character, actually Brad Dourif's daughter. NICE. It was really distracting that every time I saw her face, I was reminded of the singer Shakira, though. She could easily be her doppelganger.  All in all...I'd say if they stick to this formula instead of going back to the 'comedy' Chucky...they could really do a great comeback. It was actually enjoyable to watch. Didn't feel like a waste of time to me at all. Oh, and of COURSE Tiffany makes an appearance. I won't say how or where. If you can, and are a fan of Chucky movies, I'd say you need to see this new one. You might like it as much as I did...and if not, I'll bet you'd still say it was better than Seed of Chucky. >_<

Friday, January 25, 2013

30 Days of Final Fantasy!

Day 01 – Your favorite FF game.
FAVORITE? ♥ Final Fantasy VII ♥ After playing so many of the other FF games, earlier and later, it's still my favorite. I'll try and make these posts differ from having FFVII as every answer for stuff....but be warned! FFVII is my FAVORITE GAME EVER!

Day 02 – Your least favorite Final Fantasy game.
I would have to say my LEAST FAVORITE (I don't have any I hate) FF game is Final Fantasy Tactics. I still love this game, BUT when I first began to play it, I was not familiar with the party system or battle system. I went into battle solo when I was able to choose 4-5 other members to help. -_- Of course, after I figured it all out, I loved how the game flowed. And YES. I had Cloud. ^_^

Day 03 – Your favorite Final Fantasy theme/song.
I would listen to this track over and over and over. It used get me all teary eyed. Now it just makes me sad. If I'm already sad, I'll get teary eyed lol. I will show the piano version, because it's my favorite. 

Day 04 – Your favorite Final Fantasy party from your favorite game.
Since I stated for Day 1 of this challenge that my favorite FF game was VII, my favorite party is Cloud, Aerith and Tifa. After Aerith dies, however, I start using Red XIII or Barret. Vincent's transforming Limit Breaks lost their novelty for me after awhile :/

Day 05 – Your favorite Final Fantasy City/Town.
After consulting many lists, many YouTube videos, and considering how long I willingly spent in each town...I'd have to say it's The Gold Saucer. All those mini games...the rollercoaster...Chocobo racing...Battle Square... Makes me want to load up my PS1 memory card and go race my Chocobos :D ♥

Day 06 – Favorite part of your favorite Final Fantasy game.
Well, Day 1 asked me what my favorite FF game was. I answered FFVII. favorite part from FFVII? Hmmm...I was going to choose Aerith & Cloud's date at the Gold Saucer, but no...I even thought of saying the intro, but no...after completing the entire game, nothing ever gave me the satisfaction as much as seeing Cloud Omnislash Sephiroth's ass up. Using Omnislash on a regular enemy just isn't the same. ♥

Day 07 – Least favorite part of your favorite Final Fantasy game.
I chose FFVII as my favorite FF game. My least favorite part? Too obvious.

Day 08 – Favorite Chocobo Version.
After a few minutes of thinking, I came to the conclusion that spinoffs are also included in this my favorite Chocobo is from Chocobo Racing :D

Day 09 – Favorite Moogle Version.
Ahhhh I knew which one I was going to pick the moment I saw the challenge! Final Fantasy IX cause I absolutely LOVED Stiltzkin ^_^

Day 10 – Best Final Fantasy scene ever.
>_> Thinking of all the awesome scenes of all the games I could remember...I forgot this is a FF challenge, not a video game challenge...which means I CAN PICK MOVIES, TOO. Best scene ever? Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Cloud vs Sephiroth. Now...I can't find the ENTIRE battle for some reason, I didn't want to just put the Omnislash I found this pretty awesome video. Enjoy!

Day 11 – Final Fantasy game that disappointed you.
I was so excited to hear that FFX was getting an actual sequel. Then I played the game. -_- It was EH. not the worst game I've ever played, but they could have done so much more with X-2 :( Oh well.

Day 12 – Final Fantasy game you've played more than 5 times.
I've only played one FF game more than five times, which means I completed it more than 5 times. Chocobo Racing! If I beat FFVII one more time, it would make 6, so since I'm replaying it now...I'll just say FFVII ;) :p

Day 13 – Your favorite version of Cid.
I looked over the list of Cid characters before I made this decision. I came close to choosing the ones from VIII, IX and XIII. Then, I saw the one I picked. I didn't realize he was a Cid character. Never really paid attention back then, I guess. My pick is Cidolfus Orlandeau from FFT.

Day 14 – Favorite Final Fantasy male character.
I attempted to pick someone other than Cloud Strife. -_- My brain would not allow it. Gogo (it?), Shadow, Locke, Squall, Kuja, Vivi, Zidane, Vaan and Balthier were my main picks besides Cloud...but I couldn't choose which one I liked more than Cloud. :/ Sorry! Another FFVII answer!

Day 15 – Favorite Final Fantasy female character.
If there was no Aerith, then Lulu, Terra and Lightning would be my top picks. But there IS an Aerith. She wins.

Day 16 – Your favorite Final Fantasy limit break.
Ok, so at first I was gonna say DUH. OMNISLASH. But then I realized there's different types of Omnislash. -_- Then I realized there were other Limit Breaks just like it (Lion Heart, Wishing Star, Blitz Ace). So I'm going by on a Limit I thought was the best cause it was the most useful in one specific amount of Omnislash knockoffs would have helped me back then. My choice limit break? Rinoa's Invincible Moon. -->Skip to 1:38 to see it<--

Day 17 – Favorite Final Fantasy mini game.
Easiest yet hardest question. There's only two mini games I actually invested the most time and effort in, and it was NOT Chocobo racing in FFVII. The two I'm deciding between is Triple Triad (FFVIII) and Chocobo Hot & Cold (FFIX). I completed them both, and I remember getting hyped when I'd get a character card or when I'd get stopped for getting too much stuff in H&C. Hmmm.....I think I'ma have to go with Chocobo Hot & Cold...because when you do're rewarded with a secret boss! :D ♥ Ozma ♥

Day 18 – Favorite Final Fantasy opening sequence.
An intro that is just awesome on so many levels...and has a song you can sing along to. Yay :D Final Fantasy VIII!

Day 19 – Best Final Fantasy outfit.
It took me awhile to think about it. I never liked any of the male outfits, except Cloud's. The female ones are always better IMO, so I chose between Rinoa (FF8), Terra (FF6), Beatrix & Princess Garnet (FF9), Yuna (FF10) and Lightning (FF13). I ended up choosing Lightning because her outfit is just the best one to me, Rinoa came in a VERY close second.

Day 20 – Best Final Fantasy hair.
Rydia (FF4), Terra's Esper form (FF6), Tifa/Cloud (FF7), Rinoa/Laguna (FF8), Dagger post-haircut (FF9), Yuna/Lulu (FF10), Vanille (FF13). These are all my choices I am picking from. I actually used to style my hair like Laguna's back in high school. :D LOL. I think, even with all the colorful styles (I'm really diggin' Terra's purple flame-like hair), I'm gonna have to choose Dagger (Princess Garnet). Her self-given haircut reminds me of Mulan. She wins. :)

Day 21 – Favorite Final Fantasy pairing/ship.
I've always liked how they wrote the story for Tidus and Yuna. It was meaningful, and they stuck it out til the end, and even then it was heart-wrenching...more so than Cloud and Aerith, because they were never really classified as a couple, even though they should have been. :/ But yes....I pick Tidus and Yuna :)

Day 22 – Favorite Final Fantasy summon.
I actually looked at every single summon and made a list. One that made it more than others? Odin. Close second was Bahamut. Others that were considered: Anima, Broomhilda, Diablo, Jumbo Cactuar & Tonberry King. *DOINK* :D Here's Odin from Final Fantasy: Crisis Core.

Day 23 – Least Favorite Final Fantasy mini game.
It's SUCH a close tie between Super Dunk in the Gold Saucer (FFVII) and Blitzball (FFX). I hated them BOTH. POINTLESS, STUPID, WASTE OF least ONE was optional...I didn't HAVE to play Super my least favorite goes tooooooo....BLITZBALL. I HATE YOU, BLITZBALL.

Day 24 – Best Final Fantasy quote.

"This is it. This... is your story. It all begins here."

Who can guess who said this quote & which FF it's from? :D ♥

Day 25 – Final Fantasy game you plan on playing (old or new).
As soon as I'm done replaying VII, I am going to start IX. :)

Day 26 – OMG WTF? Final Fantasy moment.
Final Fantasy VII. Honeybee Inn. O_O

Day 27 – Best Final Fantasy storyline.
AHHHHH here it comes! This is SUCH a toughie for me...but ok. While I liked MANY of the stories behind each FF I've played...the most complex of them to me was FFVI. YES, I'm finally choosing FFVI for something XD but yeah, the game was just so intricately put together, and it was easy to lose yourself in the story, characters, environment, EVERYTHING. The story was THAT well put together. Plus...the ending gave you a serious feeling of complete satisfaction. Yes. My choice for this day is Final Fantasy III / VI.

Day 28 – First Final Fantasy game obsession.
Well...that'd have to be Final Fantasy VII, even though my FIRST FF game was Mystic Quest. I played the shit outta that game though...I need to go get it again. Time to hit up TheROMShop :D So my answer for this day is, once again, Final Fantasy VII.

Day 29 – Current Final Fantasy game obsession.
Hmm...I don't currently have a FF game I'm obsessing about. :/ I don't think I should leave this blank, I guess I'll pick based on which mini-game I obsessed most about. Final Fantasy IX :) That Chocobo Hot & Cold makes me wanna play right now. Kind of. LOL. :)

Day 30 – Saddest Final Fantasy character death.
Ok, let's have a big debate about this, since it's the last day of the challenge. On one hand, OF COURSE, I have the death of Aerith Gainsborough. Her death was a COMPLETE SHOCKER. NOBODY anticipated it, and it was QUITE the tearjerker for me. On the OTHER hand...although not really a 'death', but the end of a dream, is Tidus. The whole ending of goodbyes to Yuna was ALSO a huge tearjerker to me. Since Those two are the main ones I am debating over...I will watch them both on Youtube right now. The one that makes me cry the most wins, and the video shall be posted. :)

That concludes my 30 Days of Final Fantasy Challenge! Thanks for reading!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Video Game Ask!

Taken from the awesome page EliteSkilledGamers

Here you fans go!!

Video game ask! 

Favorite console? [Old] SNES, [New] PS3

Favorite controller? PlayStation
Favorite handheld system? PSP
Favorite NES game? Dr. Mario
Favorite SNES game? Donkey Kong Country
Favorite N64 game? Super Mario 64
Favorite Genesis game? Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Favorite Gamecube game? Resident Evil remake
Favorite Wii game? Dr. Mario Online Rx
Favorite Playstation game? Final Fantasy VII
Favorite Xbox game? Left for Dead 2 [The only game I liked on XBOX that I played]
Favorite Game Boy Color game? Pokemon Pinball
Favorite Game Boy Advance game? Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
Favorite DS game? Brain Age
3DS vs. DS? I turn off the 3D on my cousin's DS.
Nintendo vs. Sega? Nintendo
Best graphics? On what? One game? Battlefield 3 I guess.
3D vs. 2D? Depends on the game... 
Best soundtrack? Final Fantasy VII
Best cut scenes? Final Fantasy X
Best voice acting? Chris Redfield in RE5
Most satisfying game? Pokemon Red/Yellow
Modern games vs. classic games? I like them both equally
Favorite genre? RPG 
Favorite game series? Final Fantasy
Favorite RPG game? Final Fantasy VII
Favorite action game? Grand Theft Auto San Andreas / IV
Favorite adventure game? Tomb Raider
Favorite fighting style game? Marvel vs Capcom 2
Favorite strategy game? Intelligent Qube
Favorite puzzle game? Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
Favorite in-game minigame? The Servebot minigames in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne/Triple Triad from Final Fantasy VIII
Favorite male protagonist? Cloud Strife
Favorite female protagonist? Lara Croft
Favorite antagonist? Bowser
Most annoying character? Seymour from Final Fantasy X...didn't like his voice.
Favorite sidekick? Tails
Favorite weapon style? Assault
All time favorite weapon? Grenade Launchers
A game you are looking forward to? Tomb Raider 2013
Games you are currently playing? Black Ops 2 
Favorite Halo title? Never played it
League of Legends vs. World of Warcraft? WoW 
Thoughts on Assassins Creed? Looks like fun, I guess.
Skyrim vs. Minecraft? Skyrim
Favorite movie tie-in game? Tomb Raider
Favorite Disney released game? Kingdom Hearts
Favorite PC game? Unreal Tournament
Favorite Video game character? Aerith Gainsborough
Favorite Animal Crossing villager? Never played it
Favorite Pokemon region? Kanto
Favorite Pokemon type? Fire
List your ideal Pokemon team? Mewtwo, Charizard, Articuno. Only 3 Pokemon I ever needed.
Favorite Final Fantasy game? VII
Favorite Zelda game? A Link to the Past
Favorite Zelda temple? I don't know them by name.
Favorite Mario/Mario Bros. game? Super Mario RPG
Favorite Sonic game? Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Friday, November 16, 2012

30 Day Video Game Challenge!

Here, you will see my complete listing of 30 Day posts from my facebook page: AwesomeGamerchick. Enjoy!


Day 1 - The very first video game.

The VERY FIRST video game I remember playing is Duck Hunt. Crazy that my mom allowed my first game to be a shooter, eh? Probably why I love Call of Duty so much ^_^


Day 2 - Your favorite character.

My FAVORITE, I mean ULTIMA FAVORITE character is...the awesome Aerith Gainsborough. Why? She was in the FIRST game that actually made me care about the characters, so when she died I CRIED like a baby. I was SO UPSET!!! I was about 12 or 13 at the time...and she's still my favorite [I'm 27 now]. LONG LIVE AERITH!!!!


Day 3 - A game that is underrated.

Hmmm...this is gonna be so hard because there's a lot of games out there that people won't even bother to try, yet it turns out to be a pretty awesome game. I'll make it a recent game and say Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. As a HUGE Resident Evil fan, I was more interested in the story before the actual gameplay. After I got used to the gameplay, it was just the AI that annoyed the hell outta me. It brought more insight to a story we all knew as one sided. Umbrella is bad, Chris, Jill, Leon, they're all the good guys, they beat the B.O.W.s and lived to see another day. BUT WHAT HAPPENED IN BETWEEN? The Nemesis fight was one of my favorite parts, and being able to choose characters totally different from every RE game ever was pretty great, too. I was PRO when it came to using Four Eyes...I very much enjoyed making Mr. X my bitch. Did I mention the soundtrack was AWESOME???


Day 4 - Your guilty pleasure game.

I don't have any games that I play that I'm ashamed of. HOWEVER...I do feel guilty when I play Super Stardust HD [PS3]. Why, you may ask? Simple. The game is so addictive that I ignore EVERYONE while I play. I don't answer my phone AT ALL. All my PSN messages go ignored. When I crash, I rage more than any game I've ever played on Call of Duty. Then, I feel like an idiot after I'm done. I'm a terrible person D: LMAO Instead of a picture as usual, I'll include a video of my gameplay. YES. I love this game ^_^


Day 5 - Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were).

Let's see...I think I'm a little like Lulu. I don't take crap from anyone, I tell it how it is, I'm a totally badass female, and I married a weirdo. Plus, I carry little dolls around with me. I consider my kids my dolls. It fits. :D


Day 6 - Most annoying character.
After thinking REALLY long about this...about 30 minutes actually...I have finally come to the conclusion that the most annoying character is...Mimi Landgraab, specifically from The Sims [PS2]. She was the roommate from hell, her lazy ass never cleaned anything, and she didn't allow me to get a raging party for ONE WHOLE YEAR. Yes, I quit playing and came back with a vengeance over the course of a YEAR. Go to hell, Mimi.


Day 7 - Favorite game couple.

This one was really easy for me to pick. Tidus and Yuna! Why? Because at first, you can't stand Tidus. He's a pain in the ass with an ANNOYING laugh. Yuna is the innocent summoner. Of course she falls for him. Of course they have an awesome first kiss scene. BUT THEN. BUT THEN! They pull a semi-Aerith on his ass. I cried when he jumped off the airship. That whole 'I can walk through you' part was terrible for my tear ducts.


Day 8 - Best soundtrack.

OF COURSE I'm going to say the best video game soundtrack belongs to Final Fantasy VII. All four discs had music I could listen to over and over without skipping through the tracks. Not to mention the Piano Collections...Obviously, to anyone who's read my posts, Aerith was my favorite character...but I'm not going to put her theme here. I'll surprise you with a different track instead. :D


Day 9 - Saddest game scene.

Ok...this one was SO TOUGH for me, that I simply cannot choose between two scenes. SO, because so much awesome is in my DNA, I have the power to pick two! The picks are....

1) Ghost and Roach's death scene from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I choose this one because it's one of the games where I DEFINITELY did not see this coming, and when I saw it my jaw dropped and the tears just flowed like they were people I knew.I played this a few years ago, so being in my 20's and still crying for a game means the story was EXCELLENT. It still makes me cry today. Just hearing the music leading UP TO the scene breaks my heart, seriously.

2) Aerith's death scene from Final Fantasy VII. I chose this one because it's the FIRST game that made me cry. Like...CRY cry. Waterworks type of crying. I was young. It still makes me cry today.


Day 10 - Best gameplay.

I'm going to choose a game not many people may agree with. I don't want to choose an old game, nor a fairly new game. My game of choice is Resident Evil 5. I played, and still play, the hell out of this game. Campaign or DLC or Mercs, I NEVER get tired of this game. I bought it 3 times (the original, then GE, then GE+Move). Still willing to put some time into it, even after playing the campaign a million and eight times. ♥ RE5 ♥


Day 11 - Gaming system of choice.

Yes, the old school consoles gave me great memories, but my obvious gaming system of choice would be the PlayStations. Each one gave me games I never thought would be as great as they were. They kept me entertained for 50+ hours at a time, had memorable characters, and have never failed me in terms of not having an option of playing a badass game.'s to my favorite gaming system...THE PLAYSTATIONS! ♥


*This is where I stopped posting due to Hurricane Sandy hitting NYC. I started posting again on 11/4/12, but I will post them as if I continued on a daily basis, just for the sake of the blog*

Day 12 - A game everyone should play.

I'm gonna change it up for this one. I would have normally answered with Final Fantasy VII and came very close to saying Resident Evil. However, my pick for this is: Super Mario 64. This is probably one of the best games EVERYONE can play...and I mean EVERYONE. My son Sora, who will be 4 in 10 days, can maneuver Mario all around the levels and can even get a star if it's a straightforward objective. ♥


Day 13 - A game you’ve played more than five times.

I've played so many games more than five times -_- Also, I believe this means COMPLETED more than five I'll just randomly pick from my list and say Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo [HD Remix on PSN]. I remember playing this SO MANY TIMES until I could beat it on Expert Mode pretty fast. I love puzzle games and I love challenging here's my video of me beating the game on Expert Mode :D


Day 14 - Current (or most recent) gaming wallpaper.

I haven't used a gaming wallpaper in so's usually of my kids nowadays. I'd put the one I have on my PSN profile, but it's a Dymanic LBP theme :) Instead, I'll put the one I used to always have back in the day...Bahamut vs Alexander from Final Fantasy IX. 


Day 15 - Post a screenshot from the game you’re playing right now.

Since I'm not playing anything RIGHT NOW...I'll put up a screenshot from the last game I played today...which was Resident Evil 6. Enjoy ;D ♥


Day 16 - Game with the best cut scenes.

Ok...after thinking about this and thinking about this...I wanna use a different game other than Final I'll keep it clos
e and say Kingdom Hearts. LOVED the story, all the cutscenes were just AWESOME, and if you've never played the original, you're seriously missing out. Just watch the intro and be amazed :D


Day 17 - Favorite antagonist.

Since I can't really seem to pick a favorite, I'll pick the one I was always hyped to see after whooping his ass: Sephiroth. Before he was the One Winged Angel, before they made him look like Marilyn Manson's stunt double...he was the misunderstood pain in the ass frozen in a damn cave. As cool as he is, I can't stand his ass.


Day 18 - Favorite protagonist.

I have WAY too many 'favorites' to pick just one, so I'll randomly chose: Aya Brea. Parasite Eve was one of my favorite games back in the day, and the story is just amazing. If you haven't played it, feast your eyes and ears on the stunning intro. BTW, the name of the track is called "Primal Eyes".


Day 19 - Picture of a game setting you wish you lived in.

It may sound weird, but I choose Midgar, Sector 5. The ONLY reason I choose this area is because this is where Aerith's home is...and her home is one the most peaceful, cozy area I could think of that's surrounded by the slums. It's a safe haven, and looks tranquil enough to assume it never gets cold. There ARE flowers, after all. :D ♥


Day 20 - Favorite genre.

While I love my shooters, RPGs have ALWAYS been my favorite, ever since I was a little kid. It's probably because I was always reading a book, so an awesome story in a game was just as good as reading an excellent book. Reading is fun for me, and back then there was LOTS of reading to be done with RPGs...and I love reading so much I have subtitles on for every game JUST TO MAKE SURE I don't miss anything :D


Day 21 - Game with the best story.

Let's see....the one game that I seriously, absolutely could not put down for the story alone would be......hmmmm......there's a lot to choose from D: would be Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. It may not be a "real" Final Fantasy game, but it was one of the first that made me feel...involved, I guess. After all, I was younger than 10 when I played Sonic and Mario IMO don't really count as 'story' type games.


Day 22 - A game sequel which disappointed you.

I, for once, have to agree with many people about this one game. The campaign was STILL GOOD....but NOT AS GOOD as the one before. The game I chose is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. I think the ONLY real shocking, jaw-dropping scene was the home video of the bombing in London where the lil girl goes boom. MW2 had NO RUSSIAN. GHOST AND ROACH DIE. Lil girl going boom does NOT top an airport massacre where you join victims in the end, and two of the favorite characters happen to be murdered by someone you trusted. It was just LACKING, in my opinion. *shrug* I still love my COD games :D


Day 23 - Game you think had the best graphics or art style.

I can't play this game due to the huge maps and me trying to look everywhere at once hurts my eyes REALLY bad...but the graphics are BEAUTIFUL. Game I chose? Battlefield 3.


Day 24 - Favorite classic game.

I would say Super Mario...but it's not. Favorite meaning I played it all the time? Easy. My choice is Sonic the Hedgehog.


Day 25 - A game you plan on playing.

OBVIOUSLY, I'm super hyped for Black Ops II. Other than that, the only other game I really can't wait to try and was seriously pissed when the release date was pushed back to 2013 was....Tomb Raider. I LOVED playing all the original games and really can't wait to see how they do with this game. I guess I'm one of the types of gamers that doesn't mind remakes/reboots or prequels. :D


Day 26 - Best voice acting.

I kinda had to think about it, and I figured if it sounds believable then it counts as great voice acting. Stupid one liners, but hearing "Ada" being called a bitch was pretty funny :D So I choose Resident Evil 6. Of course, if it were WORST voice acting, the original RE would be at the top LMAO


Day 27 - Most epic scene ever.

Since I cannot seem to find the one scene I am specifically looking for, I will put this commercial instead. All the scenes together make one epic scene. The music, of course, is the icing on the cake :D ♥


Day 28 - Favorite game developer.

Squaresoft, Square, Square Enix...whatever the hell they're called nowadays, I was never let down with the storyline of any of their games. The story to each game is very important, and it if sucks, I won't like the game, even if the gameplay is beyond awesome. It's like reading a 1,000 page book to only have ONE interesting paragraph. ♥


Day 29 - A game you thought you wouldn't like, but ended up loving.

When my husband brought home Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, I gave him a serious "?" face. I was very much into Resistance: Fall of Man, and figured it wasn't my first game of choice to buy, but since it's here, might as well try it. Let's be clear, JUST DOING THE FIRING RANGE TUTORIAL I FAILED MANY TIMES. What saved my COD life? Look inversion [y-axis] = enabled. I have to have my controls like that, or else IDK WTF I'm doing. My k/d for that game, sadly, was about .40-ish -_- These days, I rock a steady 1.30 average.


Day 30 - Your favorite game of all time.

Yes. If you don't know what game I am going to choose, you have not been paying attention to my posts ;) My favorite game of all time is: Final Fantasy VII. I will forever choose this game as my favorite. Great gameplay, great story, great EVERYTHING. There's nothing wrong with this game to me, except maybe a random grammatical error here and there, but hey! That's ok! LOL.