Thursday, September 22, 2011

Black Ops Rezurrection Map Pack! Zombies FTW!

SO, if any of you are huge Zombies fans like I am, you were probably super excited for this map pack to come out...some of you (I know I have) have probably even had the thought if they would ever make an exclusive Zombies map pack. Yeah, it came out a month ago on 360, BUT I DON'T OWN A 360. I am downloading it right now on PS3, so lemme tell you what it comes with!

  • Very cool Moon theme
  • 20 tracks of Zombies music
  • Moon map
  • Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa & Der Riese maps
There are FOUR separate downloads in this map pack, which is why they are categorized above, that's the options you get to download separately. Now, for the MUSIC aspect of this add-on...I'm REALLY disappointed that Eminem's "Won't Back Down" [FIVE] and Avenged Sevenfold's "Not Ready to Die" [Call of the Dead] were NOT included in this track listing. I DON'T CARE about licenses and shit like that, if they were featured as a song in Zombies then IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN INCLUDED IN THE TRACK LISTING! *sigh* ANYWAY, moving on to the list [track length included]:

  1. Damned 1'38"
  2. Lullaby of a Dead Man 3'59"
  3. Abra Macabre 3'06"
  4. Slight Chance of Zombies 2'14"
  5. The One 4'51"
  6. Death on the Dance Floor 2'34"
  7. Beauty of Annihilation 4'28"
  8. Raining Teddy Bears 1'57"
  9. Laughing Corpses 2'18"
  10. Slasher 1'10"
  11. Twilight 3'18"
  12. Voice in Your Head 1'18"
  13. Zombies Don't Surf 1'37"
  14. 115 3'48"
  15. Clockwork Squares 1'57"
  16. Temple 1'46"
  17. Undone 3'50"
  18. Abracadavre 6'05"
  19. Pareidolia 5'58"
  20. Coming Home 3'18"
These will be *INSTALLED* via an icon in the Games column, and that will open an *INSTALLER* decked out w/ a zombie photo. It will be added to the Music column of the XMB once the installer is complete. I haven't heard them all yet, as it is 8AM and everyone here is asleep, so I will take a listen later in the day. ENJOY!