Sunday, June 17, 2012

What's Going On, Ladies? *Mini Rant*

Ok, I've noticed there are more females hating on/talking shit to other females while I'm playing COD. While it's pretty much a given that guys will shit talk anyone who basically gets in a lobby, why are you females showing off in front of the dudes? YES, this IS what's happening, because each one I have encountered was with GUY friends. Let me break it down for you bitches nice and clear.

First off....if you camp and you're proud that your immobile abilities have given you a high k/ suck. Then again, DON'T use Assassin/Blind Eye to get your kills and then get mad when I use it to kill you. I can't see you, now you can't see me. Fight fair or don't play at all....and don't get your panties in a twist either.

Second, I'm all for trolling. Trolling is fun when done properly. The thing is...I'll know when you're full of shit the moment I hear those few seconds of rage on my headset when I shoot and kill you first. Trolls don't rage. If you have to're mad. It's ok to admit that you're mad. Just don't say you're not mad when I clearly heard you scream angrily into your mic after you died.

Third...if you're gonna yap away about how awesome your skills are and how you're gonna whoop ass....PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, BACK YOUR SHIT UP. Don't come at me  with your high prestige or high k/d ass only to have me hand it back to you on a silver platter. If you can't back your shit up, then shut up. PLEASE SHUT UP. There, I tried to be nicer.

One more thing: I play to have fun with my buddies. Yeah, there's always gonna be those idiots who automatically target me because of my [GIRL] tag. Yeah, there's always gonna be those idiots who say I sound like a man [oh well]. When it's another female showing off to look cute for the gets me amped to make you look like a douche. Mission accomplished on so many levels.

Just a friendly warning....I'll be ready for each and every one of you. *cue sinister exit music*

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kid Rant on MW3. Yes, I Went There.

Last night, I was playing some Modern Warfare 3 with a few buddies. Some kid randomly calls out one of the people in my party to ask them about some Elite clan stuff. Now, I don't have Elite Premium. I have the regular free version and I do not plan on getting Premium anytime soon. When my buddy answered, he explained in full detail about Clan Ops and so on and so forth and getting gold clan tags (I guess that's what the kid asked for). Instead of saying 'thank you' or 'ok', the kid says something like, 'but my friend doesn't have Premium and he has the gold clan tags but he won't show me'...basically whining like a kid would whine about something they want and know they can't have. We told him basically his friend was lying. He wasn't trying to hear us.

Ok...I was feeling SUPER impatient for some odd reason last night [it could have been a number of things, but I can think of three instances where I was annoyed with people in lobbies or my own party], so I went off on that kid. See, I have 2 kids of my own [ages 3 & 7], and I'm 27. This kid in the lobby sounded like he was early teens. I'm sorry, didn't your mom or dad get the memo? This game is rated M for MATURE, as in 17+ [unfortunately, even then you get an immature 20 yr old]. I play this game mostly when my kids are asleep to GET AWAY FROM ANNOYING, WHINY KIDS. 

I had enough after that. My patience is nearly non-existent for kids who like to hear themselves talk. So I went off on him and said something to the likes of: "

WHY THE FUCK do you bother to ask someone about something then turn around and tell them what your fuckin' friend said instead of just saying fuckin' thank you or acknowledging his answer? No, instead you keep talking about 'your friend this' and 'your friend that', well how about you STFU and GO ASK YOUR FUCKIN'  FRIEND THEN? FUCK!"

Now see, before anyone tries to give me shit about cursing some kid who sounded like he was somewhere in the 12-14 year old age bracket, remember THE GAME IS FOR 17+. Parents, if you SERIOUSLY think your tween or kid under 17 is playing and NOT getting cursed out, you are STUPID. They are even cursing at US in WHISPERS so YOU don't hear them and smack'em upside the head. Go buy your fuckin' kids a Pokemon game, or some Mario, better yet: Get them the hell off Mature games, PERIOD. If you don't feel like it, at LEAST take away the mic/headset. If you insist they CAN use both...I don't wanna hear no shit when your kid annoys the shit outta me and I'm already annoyed. There are people who say WORSE things than I do, and to subject your kids to that kind of shit is ALL ON YOU. Congrats on being some of the STUPIDEST PARENTS EVER.