Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Games I Wish the PlayStation Store Had Available

Ok, this is really just a listing of what I really seriously wish they'd put in the PS Store already and why. I'm shocked to see these aren't in it, instead I see crap I would never buy. GET IT TOGETHER SONY. GET MY GAMES AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. The list happens to be in alphabetical order, cause that's how I like my lists. #OCD

1► Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Collection 1 - I bought this MAINLY for the so addictive game, Centipede. I used to love that game as a child, and snatched this up when I saw it for PSX. It was also because of this game I became fond of Asteroids and Super Breakout. :)


2► Sailor Moon Super S Shin Shuyaku Soudatsusen - Ok, I've never played this one, BUT THAT'S BECAUSE THE SAILOR MOON GAMES WERE ONLY RELEASED IN JAPAN! WHAT ABOUT THE AMERICAN AUDIENCE?! They should totally translate this game and release it in the US, or even have it in the Japan Imports section of the store. It's only fair =[ I'm a HUGE Sailor Moon fan. This upsets me. T_T


3► Chocobo Racing - I stumbled upon this game in a random game store on Main Street in Queens many years ago. I was really into racing games back then, and of course, Final Fantasy. This was probably the cutest racing game I've ever played. I probably still have the save data for it on my memory card [I don't have the adapter, so there's no way to check]. 


4► Croc: Legend of the Gobbos - This game was one of the CUTEST GAMES I'VE EVER PLAYED. PERFECT for kids. Enough said.


5► Die Hard Trilogy - If you have never played this game...YOU ARE SERIOUSLY MISSING OUT. I used to be ADDICTED to this game, especially the Die Hard chapter. Just writing this makes me want to YouTube some gameplay. :D


6► DOOM - This was the ONLY Doom game I've ever played. I have never tried the others. I wouldn't mind playing this again, though...flying flaming skulls are always fun ^_^


7► Ehrgeiz - I remember so many people pronouncing it either "err-geez" [geez rhymes with please] or "err-guys". Guilty of actually never touching this game, I've always wanted to play it. It looked like a Tekken meets FF type of fighting game...AND I BET IT'S BETTER THAN THAT P.O.S. MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3. YEAH, I SAID IT.


8► Final Fantasy IV -OR- Final Fantasy Chronicles - I really don't give a damn if they bundle it this way or have it alone, BUT WHY DOES THE STORE HAVE ORIGINS [1,2] ok, they don't have a 3 either, but they DO have 5,6,7,8,9, & Tactics...THE ONLY 4 THEY HAVE AVAILABLE IS FOR PSP. WHAT KIND OF CONSPIRACY IS THIS, SONY?? FIX IT IMMEDIATELY!!!!


9► Intelligent Qube - I think I only had the demo for this, but then got to play it again a few years ago via an emulator. I miss this game so much. So simple, yet so difficult. It didn't help that some deep voiced-Darth Vader asshole yelled 'AGAIN!' when you screwed up, but it just made you that more resilient to complete the level. BOO-YA. 


10► Jackie Chan Stuntmaster - Another game I never actually played myself, but watched my younger cousin play a lot of it. It looked like fun, the graphics were pretty good, the game was funny. Who wouldn't wanna whoop ass fighting as Jackie Chan? 


11► Mega Man Legends - Believe it or not, this was the first Mega Man game I ever played. Was it because it was an RPG? Was it because it was on PlayStation? Neither reason. It was because nobody I knew growing up played any Mega Man games, therefore I had never seen the gameplay and wasn't able to borrow it. *shrug* 


12► Mega Man Legends 2 - I liked MML so much I decided to play this one. 


13► The Misadventures of Tron Bonne - Um...hello??? There's SERVBOTS in this game. DUH.


14► Namco Museum, Volume 1 - I actually bought this for my mother when she bought her own PlayStation. She was obsessed with the small Galaga game in [I think] Tekken. After I bought this for her...I ended up playing it more than she did. ^_^


15► Overblood - This had to be one of the most ANNOYING GAMES I HAVE EVER PLAYED. I beat it only ONCE, but it was good enough that I wanted to keep playing to find out WTF was going on. It was pretty funny that the main character looked and sounded a bit like Barry Burton from Resident Evil ^_-




17► Ridge Racer - Ok, I just had to recheck the store to make sure it wasn't hiding. I saw R4 Ridge Racer Type 4 available for PS3, but Ridge Racer is only available for PSP. I wonder what the hell they were thinking, making that game PSP only. In a world where Gran Turismo and Need for Speed have taken over, I'd really like to revisit why I loved racing games so much. Racing vs Nightmare was really fun [according to Wikipedia, it was called Devil 13th Racing Car....I'm not sure where I heard it was called 'Nightmare', but it sounds much more awesome than THAT].


18Skullmonkeys - This game was one of the FUNNIEST games I have EVER played! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


19Spider - THIS game would be so REFRESHING to play. Everything nowadays is so violent, scary, this game, you're a spider with the brain of a scientist. Stay alive. Simple, yet difficult. Those are always the ones you THINK you can easily beat, but you'll be there wondering why the hell you died so many times. ^_-


20► Wipeout XL - I preferred this one to the original Wipeout. It was the game where I first heard Prodigy's "Firestarter" instrumental. That's an automatic win right there.

Random MW3 Gaming Session featuring Shady & Admin Sanyo!

So me, my cousin, a PSN friend of mine & fellow admin Mikey [Sanyo] are playing a few games of Modern Warfare 3. The opposing team had a few people with the clan tag of [GODZ]...and since this is my blog and I write what I want, their actual PSNs are:
 Our first game in Outpost was pretty bad, due to me having a random allergy attack and violent sneezing. Mikey had to do lots of OT to cover my ass [thanks buddy ^_^]. After-game chat was pretty non-existant. Next map is chosen. Enter DOME.

We're getting our game on, playing pretty normal. All of a sudden, ultima-lag hits. My game, along with a few others on my team, starts freezing up extremely bad. We ended up winning by a slight margin. After-game chat starts with the excuses for them losing, why we won, etc. Apparently, the lag was our fault. We lag switched. They couldn't take the loss like men. My k/d on our Outpost game was 8/13...I didn't whine and blame other people for my terrible skills. I blamed my random allergies. *shrug* They spot my clan tag, which is [GIRL]. I'm automatically the next target because "I sound like a tranny". *yawn* Old insults apparently never go out of style....and it would seem more dudes use [GIRL] as a clan tag than I've ever seen, since everyone says I must be a guy. o_O Enter RESISTANCE.

No lag this game, just lots of pwning from us to them. This is what happens when you accuse someone of get your ass handed to you. Take the loss like a man! The game ends, they start complaining AGAIN, and have the audacity to ask me how my shotgun turned into a sniper rifle. O_O The only gun I used the whole game was this right here, the M4A1 [mine is golden]: 

They OBVIOUSLY weren't paying any attention and just wanted to fuck with me cause I'm A GIRL. -_- The next map is ready, enter MISSION!

Right before the map starts loading, we hear one clan member ask the other if they are ready to kick our asses. Instead of answering him directly, we hear via his mic's tv echoes [he muted us] that "Imshady sounds like a boy who hasn't reached puberty". >_> Ok, since I am obviously your main target right now, it seems like I have some pwning to do. They tried their best to whoop ass...but that didn't work out as good as they'd hoped. We came out on top once again, and they STILL had nothing better to do than complain about how we cheated. Then, the person who had the game-winning killcam [nauditharipper] happened to be using a shotgun. WHY does one of them HAVE to try and sound intelligent and say, "That sure looks like a shotgun to me, doesn't it?" >_____> I had to yell at him. I had to. MY PSN IS IMSHADY. 'IMSHADY' LOOKS AND SOUNDS NOTHING LIKE 'NAUDITHARIPPER'!!! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! It got a bit silent after that. Best part? They left the lobby. ^_^ And now, because [GIRL] gets me so much stupid/negative attention, I really changed my clan tag to [AGUY]. Let's see how much shit people give me now. ^_-

Sunday, February 12, 2012

NYCC 2010: Michael Jackson: The Experience *OLD POST CONTENT*

I wrote this not too long after going to NYCC 2010. The video at the bottom is one I recorded myself. 

Billie Jean. Beat It. Smooth Criminal. How many of us stood in front of our televisions and tried to dance alone to the music videos, imitating Michael’s every move (or at least trying to)? How many of us knew the steps by heart, and danced along when the songs played on the radio? Well, now there’s a game tailor-made just for us Michael fans. Michael Jackson: The Experience will be available on the Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, PSP and the DS. Let’s check out the newest game to celebrate the King of Pop’s legacy.

For the Wii, the game can be played by up to four people.  You can choose to be Michael himself, or one of his backup dancers. The dancing itself is supposed to be more of a challenge when you choose Michael, so players beware! The point of the game, of course, is to move exactly as Michael and his dancers move, and if you are an avid MJ fan, you’ll get in the groove with no hesitation at all.

In the DS version, you have tap the screen according to the beat, sometimes dragging the stylus along a path to complete the move, accompanied by what seems to be a cartoonish teenage version of Michael. You can see actual gameplay on the DS by clicking here.

The PS3 version will use the Move, and the 360 version will use the Kinect to allow a more immerse experience for players, and won’t be released until early 2011 to allow developers to better integrate the game using the new motion software.

As a HUGE Michael Jackson fan, I am looking forward to playing this game as soon as I can. I’m a huge fan of dancing games as well, and this is definitely something fun to do (in terms of dancing to actual routines performed by an artist), and even though it’s not a karaoke game, it won’t stop me from singing along while busting a move.

Child's Play? This is No Kids' Game *OLD POST CONTENT*

Another something I wrote awhile back, somewhere in early 2011 I believe. Title credit to Kuma!

The first day I downloaded the ‘Fat Princess’ demo, I was completely lost. The game had been out for over a year, and I never really bothered to give it a try. However, that particular day, I was too bored to be bothered with the few selection of games I have on disc, and scoured PSN for demos of games I could try. 

The music sounded so adorable on the menu screen! All happy and medieval, I figured it was a game rated E+10. It was bright, colorful, and the narrator sounded like one of the announcers from a Nickelodeon commercial.  That first time I played, I lost. I didn’t know what I was doing, and I was tired. My six year old son, though, wanted to have a try at it. I figured there was no harm in him playing it, even though I never noticed the ESRB rating for it was T (may contain more intense violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, blood, simulated gambling, and/or use of strong language). 

He played that demo almost every time he was allowed to play the PS3. He got the hang of it pretty fast and won almost every game he played. I was beginning to feel a little defeated. A six year old? Better at a game than ME? HMPH. He would capture the Princess multiple times, and save his teammates when they were in peril. Me? I couldn’t even get to the other side of Black Forest without getting whooped by the other team. 

It wasn’t until one day, while I was reading a book while he was giving his imprisoned Princess some cake, that I heard a squeaky voice say ‘NOOB!’ I looked up at the TV, and heard another voice say what sounded to me like a curse word. My eyes went wide for a second, and he looked at me. It was the first time EVER that he had played and heard anything other than background music. It was then when I thought, “What the heck is this game rated?!” but didn’t ask him to turn it off. Instead, I watched him play, listening for more mischievous, squeaky-sounding voices. I heard a “VICTORY IS MINE!” and that was it. It was after that incident that I decided I was going to get my game on and learn to play...AND figure out what that game was rated.

It took me awhile to get used to how the game worked, and sadly, my son had to help me. I heard no more squeaky voices, and wondered how the hell they were absent from the game the whole time until that one day. After I noticed the game was rated T, I wondered why. I didn’t see anything wrong with my son playing a game that looked like it was made for young kids in the first place, even though there was a little cartoonish violence. The blood looked cartoonish, not realistic. They were using medieval-looking weapons, and the main objective was to rescue the Princess while feeding the captive Princess so much cake that she would be too fat to be rescued fast enough.  

I guess you could say that I should have paid more attention to the game’s rating...but then again, maybe it’s just a parent’s personal judgement whether or not a game is suitable for their child to play. If my kid has seen me play games like Resistance: Fall of Man, World of Warcraft, Resident Evil and Call of Duty, then I see no reason why he can’t play a game that seems totally harmless, yet has a little bit of cartoon violence. As long as it doesn’t have explicit scenes, extreme obscenities, or any INAPPROPRIATE scenes (you know what scenes I’m talking about), then me, myself, am fine with him feeding that damn Princess cake until she is so fat, she kinda reminds me of Mario when he uses the P-Balloon.

The Nightlife of a GamerMom *OLD POST CONTENT*

I wrote this near the end of 2010. Sora was only 1 year old. Now he's 3 years old. Awwwww. Instead of him kicking me, now he watches me play and copies all of the things he sees. -_- I'm not sure which is worse.


It’s about 11:00pm. Sora, my youngest child, refuses to sleep. I’m beyond frustrated and he looks at me and laughs. ARGH. Time to get his little rocking chair and turn on the PS3. As I look through my friends list, I see nearly everyone playing Modern Warfare 2, and I want in. As I place Sora in his chair and buckle him in, I start up my game. While the game loads, I place the heavy weight of the chair with Sora in it on my lap and get my headset ready. Little feet start smacking my face around as I join a party I’m invited to.

As we start the game, I don’t hear a peep from Sora since he’s too busy watching me play. It’s only when I get a little carried away on the headset that he reminds me that he’s still on my lap. On the screen, I see HEADSHOT! Just a half second later, I get kicked in the face. Literally. Next, my headset gets knocked off my ears by his toes and dangles just below my chin. I quickly grab the wire and blindly press for the mute button before Sora starts his wailing. As I’m continuing to hunt for the next objective, I begin a steady rocking on my lap for Sora to fall asleep to. Even though I hear people on my headset say “Where’d Shady go?”, I continue to play as if I were never using the headset to begin with.

Everything seems to be going good for both Sora and my team. He’s falling asleep and we’re winning. Suddenly, I’m kicked in the mouth again. As I’m capturing the objective, I feel the pain in my lip and my lower gums. I’m probably going to get a canker sore from that kick. I put it in the back of my mind as I continue rocking the chair, capturing and defending the objectives. FINALLY, the game is over, and Sora’s asleep. Mission accomplished on both ends.

Call of Duty: Black Ops, First Strike Map Pack Preview *OLD CONTENT POST*

I wrote this in either December 2010 or January 2011. Since I put the work into it, I might as well have it put up somewhere. Yeah it's old, but that's ok. I like putting my work for people to see it.

It’s that time of year, when you feel the giddiness and anticipation for new DLC on your favorite game. Okay, maybe not FAVORITE, but played-til-you-made-your-console-hot-to-the-touch game, and I’m talking about CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS.  Even though this game was shunned by many COD fans, the ones that actually enjoy this title are in for a real treat with these new upcoming maps. Bigger? YES. You might scream at your tv or yell at your teammates? OH, YES! Scary looking zombie space monkeys? OMG, I’M CLAPPING WITH EXCITEMENT. And yes, I actually did a happy dance when I saw the trailer for it, and I’m hyped to share it with you all!!! HERE WE GO!

Let’s begin with Kowloon, a map most of you Black Ops players will recognize from Campaign Mode, although it’s not the exact same layout. One giant pro for this map? THE ZIP LINES! One major con for this map? THE ZIP LINES! Think of the zip line as the person you THINK is your best friend, but is really your worst enemy in disguise. You can get to Point A to Point B in a jiffy, but you’re a moving target, and your guns are inaccessible. You’ll have no chance of defending yourself at all. Using the zip line will be like answering Jigsaw’s famous lines from SAW: ‘Live or die. Make your choice’.  The map itself looks pretty big, but it could be because of all the tin rooftops jutting out everywhere. If it’s as big as it seems, then we’ll all be getting lost in our quest to ‘complete the objective’ in our game of choice, kind of like most people did when Trailer Park was released in the MW2 Resurgence Map Pack last year.

Next on the list is Discovery, a research station with a void smack in the center of the map. One of the ways to get to the opposite side of the map is a very small, very fragile snow bridge, which can crumble to smithereens if a grenade explodes on it. If you’re in the process of running, you will fall, die, and probably curse the  day you bought the map pack. *evil grin* It also seems that this map is great for sniping, since it’s almost not worth it to use Sniper Rifles in the maps that are currently in rotation for multiplayer.

The biggest map so far would be Berlin Wall. Players will be fighting on either side, with a No Man’s Land in the center guarded by auto-turrets. This map will also be even better for sniping than Discovery being that there are tall buildings that give you a nice, clear view of the map layout. Now, I had to look up info on these turrets, because the First Strike Preview doesn’t specify whether or not the turrets can be controlled by players. Although I couldn’t find anything concrete on the issue, I did read some speculation by players. Some hoped for button controlled turrets similar to Radiation’s button controlled hatch. Others hoped they could be destroyed by certain means, such as an RPG, or if not, they would be fully protected from fire by using the Ghost Pro perk. I have to say, I like the Ghost Pro option better, but whichever the case may be, let’s just say people who play flag-based games will have lots of fun frustration trying to capture one if it’s set in No Man’s Land.

Now, for what seems like will be my *FAVORITE* map, Stadium! This is going to be for you shotgun using, SMG toting, kamikaze, run-and-gun type players, such as myself. *happy dance* It’s catered more towards people who like close-quarters combat, so I expect to see A LOT of melee kills, especially if you’re the type that auto-melees if someone just happens to run in front of you. I am hoping this is an expanded-type version of Nuketown, which is always fast-paced in any gameplay, which is exactly what this map is supposed to offer. It will be a great map for the Flak Jacket perk, so you all keep that in mind!

NOW, for the icing on the cupcake!

ASCENSION. *cue the Zombie music*

If you play Zombies as much as I have, then seeing a new, scarier map is going to make you squeal like a piggy! It looks darker, bigger, and more fast paced than Kino Der Toten or FIVE.  Instead of seeing one teleporting device like on Kino, or several that are on FIVE, we see lunar landers. They look like a sort of hovercraft that will take you from one place on the map to another while still being able to shoot at the zombies, which you can’t do when using teleporters. At the start of the Ascension preview, there is a turret in use. It’s unclear as to any turrets being player controlled or auto, but it looks like it will definitely come in handy. Along with the usual drone-like zombies that somehow obtain Marathon Pro in later levels and the Crawler zombies with the killer gas, we are introduced to a new enemy: the zombie space monkey. They seem to also have unlimited sprinting abilities, and the swarms look much more menacing than usual. I don’t think it will make me sleep better at night knowing the space monkeys have red eyes, the zombies have yellow eyes, and the crawlers have NO eyes. *cue the nightmares*

There are special achievements for Ascension on XBL (which I’m sure will also become Trophies on PS3), which are:

The Eagle has Landers (35G) – In Ascension, escape on all three lunar landers.

They are going THROUGH! (35G) – In Ascension, kill at least 5 zombies with 1 Gersch device.

Space Race (45G) – In Ascension, Pack-a-Punch a weapon before round 8.

Chimp on the Barbie (35G) – In Ascension, kill a space monkey with a fire trap.

The First Strike map pack makes its debut on Xbox Live February 1, 2011. No release date has been set for PS3 or PC users as of yet, but since there is usually a month or so wait, my guess is it will be out in March or April. I’ll make sure to keep you all posted, since I will be awaiting my turn to play these new maps on PS3. ’Til then, ‘use of deadly force is authorized’.