Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sims Drama, Part 1

I have been playing The Sims 3 for quite some time. At first, I used the same strategy I've used in past Sims games, which was to give them a few skill points BEFORE getting them a steady job, then using all their free time to rack up skill points needed to Master their current job, THEN get them some friends. It's always worked pretty well for me. However, there's one special trophy or award that I saw that caught my attention last time I played, which was to have 5 romantic relationships at one time. I remember thinking, ok so now I gotta make my Sim a slut for a little while. -_- Well I got Master Cook, got 2 romantic relationships, and got a little bored. So instead of Woo-Hooing with one of her boy toys, I made her 'Try for a baby'. Low and behold, not even a full Sim Day later, she was pregnant! Morning sickness and all, she got time off from work too. Then I saved and turned it off. Today... it was PURE comic drama. Keep reading to see what happened to my lil Sim, Aerith Strife.

Aerith was resting, reading a book while the maid cleaned up around the house. I was trying to get the trophy to get her married while she was pregnant, so I got one of her boy toys to move in. The option never came up, so I just announced my pregnancy to him and asked him to move in. She grew a baby bump in 2 Sim days, and then while she was relaxing on her comfortable chair in her living room, she went into labor! ^_^ I clicked the option for her to go to the hospital, thinking that the boy toy would escort her or she would get a ride, as if she was going to work. HOW WRONG WAS I?

First, I see her run out the house. I follow her and see her pregnant ass JUMP ON HER BIKE. YES, HER BIKE. SHE PEDALED AWAY AND DISAPPEARED. I wondered where the hell was her boy toy and why the hell she didn't call a cab and WHY THE HELL THE GAME WOULD REALLY LET HER USE A BIKE. It so happened that the boy toy had the Couch Potato trait...and he was watching t.v. the whole time. THE WHOLE TIME. So I thought, screw him, I'ma follow my Sim. So I followed her to the hospital.

She ended up having a baby boy that the game decided to try and name Douglas. No, I don't think so. I renamed him Elijah and was allowed to choose some post-baby clothes for Aerith. She brings the baby home and the first thing I did was hire a babysitter, thinking it was like the maid, but 24/7. HOW WRONG WAS I?

The babysitter showed up really fast, and then I allowed Aerith to catch up on her moodlets. I let her shower, eat food, dance to music, etc. I move my Sim-light around the house to see what the babysitter and boy toy are doing and who do I see in the house? THE OTHER MAN. Then I thought about it, I haven't moved off Aerith the whole time since she was home from the hospital...and then I thought even harder and realized I didn't remember who she last Woo-Hoo'ed with!!! The OTHER MAN was holding Elijah, playing with him, feeding him, speed-changing his pamper, and I'm over here thinking, 'FUCK. I MOVED THE WRONG DUDE IN!' This calls for a visit to the Maury show. While Aerith, boy toy and Elijah slept, the OTHER MAN stood in the house the whole time, which made me think even more that HE was the father, and that's probably why the boy toy didn't wanna marry Aerith.

When everyone woke up, the babysitter was still there (IDK where the hell she hid at but she was still around) and Aerith reads books and paints while Elijah sleeps. The babysitter and boy toy toss the football in the backyard as if they were old friends (I bet the babysitter was a skank). Boy toy goes to work, babysitter handles Elijah and watches tv while Aerith cooks and serves dinner. All of a sudden, I see the notification in the upper right hand of the screen that tells me the babysitter is leaving and she was paid for her services. I go to see if Elijah needed anything before I put Aerith and boy toy to go to sleep WHEN I SEE THE BABY ON THE FLOOR OF THE NURSERY. ON THE FUCKING FLOOR. WTF!?!?!? I actually LAUGHED, but was so shocked at how the game was handling the AI. The whole thing seemed so hilarious. I grabbed my iPod to snap a quick pic to upload to the Gamerchick fb page, and I zoomed in a bit and noticed THE BABY WAS BROWN. My Aerith and BOTH her man-friends are LIGHT SKINNED.


It was soon after that, that I had to save the game and turn it off. I couldn't take the laughing and shock anymore. I think the whole situation was so funny, that t he game would actually have the Sims do stupid actions like that. But anyway, yeah, I think if I see more like that while playing The Sims, I will write about it and maybe even make it into a lil story, because it's so funny.  Til next time, ppl!