Thursday, April 21, 2011

PSN Outage...*yawn*

I've been reading today that PSN has had an outage since last night, and might even last for another day or two. While it seems that many are pointing the finger at a hacker group named Anonymous, others are blaming Sony for this latest blunder. So, obviously, no online multiplayer for anyone until it's fixed. What's the big deal? Why are people so mad about it? Shit gets broken all the time. They'll fix it. Get over it.

Why do I have such a ho-hum approach to the outage? Well, it annoys the fuck outta me to see people complain that they can't play, and in a way that makes them seem like if they don't get that daily dose of PSN, their lives will end. O_o It is NOT that serious!!! Don't you have any homework to do? Papers to write? Exams to study for? Kids to raise? Rooms to clean? Chores to do? Friends to hang out with? Grocery shopping to do? Errands to run? Campaigns of those multiplayer games you never bothered to start to play? If you don't own a single player game, or a game that you can play offline, you're an idiot. I have a BUNCH of PSone Classics that I can start on, and other things I can busy myself with NOT associated with PlayStation. People who are acting like Armageddon is on the horizon because they can't access PSN for a day or two seriously need to seek help, either through family or professional means. It is NOT the end of the world, and it is NOT THAT SERIOUS.

What happens when your internet shuts down due to the weather? ISP won't be able to send a technician til the next day or two days later to get it fixed. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR LIFE? What about your cell phone. You dropped it in the toilet and your replacement won't be at your house for another two days. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR LIFE? How about if a friend of yours took the only PS3 or 360 game you ever play, and scratched it by accident, and you realize as small as the scratches are, the game won't even load. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR LIFE? Hopefully, not end it, as some people seem they are about to do. You FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO. SOMETHING THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. Just like a comment posted on one of the threads I saw, they had replied, "this is what we get for free service". For those who have PSPlus (which I don't because it's still not worth the money to me yet), just call Sony and ask them for a 1 or 2 day freebie. UNLESS, of course, the 'agreement' you agreed to when getting PSPlus says they are not going to do such things in the event of an outage. Then, you're assed out. Then again, it's still not that big a deal. I'm sure Sony is trying their best to get PSN back online as fast as possible, because they should know that pissing off customers isn't such a good idea. Til it gets fixed, I shall be cleaning my house, playing Tetris, or some casual PC games, which include Dynomite! and my trusty Facebook games (Cafe World & FarmVille FTW!). Have fun killing time, people! ^_^