Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Self-Pwning, Lesson 1

I was talking to my party in a TDM lobby on Black Ops the other day, and this guy said (referring to me), "Is that a girl? 'Cause if its a dude, I feel bad for him". I immediately got annoyed and responded, "The fkin emblem says GIRL, the clan tag says GIRL, WHAT MORE PROOF DO YOU NEED?" I know I'm not the only female in the world who uses Shady as a nickname or online gamer tag, so WHY do people automatically assume I'm a guy EVEN WHEN IT SAYS 'GIRL' EVERYWHERE?!? *sigh*

We finally get in-game and the asshole really decided to ask me "Do u like it from the back? Come on mami, you can tell me". WTF. Not only is that inappropriate and SAD to ask a female that over a MIC playing a VIDEO GAME, I was getting extremely annoyed because I was dying a lot.  He kept talking, annoying the shit out of me and I couldn't I said, "YOU like it from the back". He immediately replies with, "Oh chill, no I don't" and then gets mad because I wouldn't answer his question. He attempted to insult me with, "How much does it take to feed you?" and "You're a fat bitch" (omg I'm crying, boo-hoo LOL), so I say "Because I won't talk to you, I'm a fat bitch now? Hahaha ok".

He kept trying to get at me, saying "Was it you I was with last night?" (puke) and I reply "That wouldn't happen if your life depended on it in your wildest dreams". He says, "You're right, it must have been your fat sister". I calmly reply, "That'd be ok if I HAD a sister." 

"You're right, it must have been your fat brother". 

LMFAOOOOOOOOOO HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!  Then I died because I was laughing, muted him, came in first place on our team (we lost the match) and he got even MORE mad, telling the lobby to buy me cupcakes! So I sent him a message saying: " I FORGIVE U FOR BEING MAD THAT IM BETTER THAN U!!!" He pwned himself. I couldn't stop laughing for a long time. It was too funny! Lesson of the day? Don't mess with a gamerchick...they might just call you out and YOU might just OUT yourself ;D See ya'll in-game!!! <3


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