Friday, January 25, 2013

30 Days of Final Fantasy!

Day 01 – Your favorite FF game.
FAVORITE? ♥ Final Fantasy VII ♥ After playing so many of the other FF games, earlier and later, it's still my favorite. I'll try and make these posts differ from having FFVII as every answer for stuff....but be warned! FFVII is my FAVORITE GAME EVER!

Day 02 – Your least favorite Final Fantasy game.
I would have to say my LEAST FAVORITE (I don't have any I hate) FF game is Final Fantasy Tactics. I still love this game, BUT when I first began to play it, I was not familiar with the party system or battle system. I went into battle solo when I was able to choose 4-5 other members to help. -_- Of course, after I figured it all out, I loved how the game flowed. And YES. I had Cloud. ^_^

Day 03 – Your favorite Final Fantasy theme/song.
I would listen to this track over and over and over. It used get me all teary eyed. Now it just makes me sad. If I'm already sad, I'll get teary eyed lol. I will show the piano version, because it's my favorite. 

Day 04 – Your favorite Final Fantasy party from your favorite game.
Since I stated for Day 1 of this challenge that my favorite FF game was VII, my favorite party is Cloud, Aerith and Tifa. After Aerith dies, however, I start using Red XIII or Barret. Vincent's transforming Limit Breaks lost their novelty for me after awhile :/

Day 05 – Your favorite Final Fantasy City/Town.
After consulting many lists, many YouTube videos, and considering how long I willingly spent in each town...I'd have to say it's The Gold Saucer. All those mini games...the rollercoaster...Chocobo racing...Battle Square... Makes me want to load up my PS1 memory card and go race my Chocobos :D ♥

Day 06 – Favorite part of your favorite Final Fantasy game.
Well, Day 1 asked me what my favorite FF game was. I answered FFVII. favorite part from FFVII? Hmmm...I was going to choose Aerith & Cloud's date at the Gold Saucer, but no...I even thought of saying the intro, but no...after completing the entire game, nothing ever gave me the satisfaction as much as seeing Cloud Omnislash Sephiroth's ass up. Using Omnislash on a regular enemy just isn't the same. ♥

Day 07 – Least favorite part of your favorite Final Fantasy game.
I chose FFVII as my favorite FF game. My least favorite part? Too obvious.

Day 08 – Favorite Chocobo Version.
After a few minutes of thinking, I came to the conclusion that spinoffs are also included in this my favorite Chocobo is from Chocobo Racing :D

Day 09 – Favorite Moogle Version.
Ahhhh I knew which one I was going to pick the moment I saw the challenge! Final Fantasy IX cause I absolutely LOVED Stiltzkin ^_^

Day 10 – Best Final Fantasy scene ever.
>_> Thinking of all the awesome scenes of all the games I could remember...I forgot this is a FF challenge, not a video game challenge...which means I CAN PICK MOVIES, TOO. Best scene ever? Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Cloud vs Sephiroth. Now...I can't find the ENTIRE battle for some reason, I didn't want to just put the Omnislash I found this pretty awesome video. Enjoy!

Day 11 – Final Fantasy game that disappointed you.
I was so excited to hear that FFX was getting an actual sequel. Then I played the game. -_- It was EH. not the worst game I've ever played, but they could have done so much more with X-2 :( Oh well.

Day 12 – Final Fantasy game you've played more than 5 times.
I've only played one FF game more than five times, which means I completed it more than 5 times. Chocobo Racing! If I beat FFVII one more time, it would make 6, so since I'm replaying it now...I'll just say FFVII ;) :p

Day 13 – Your favorite version of Cid.
I looked over the list of Cid characters before I made this decision. I came close to choosing the ones from VIII, IX and XIII. Then, I saw the one I picked. I didn't realize he was a Cid character. Never really paid attention back then, I guess. My pick is Cidolfus Orlandeau from FFT.

Day 14 – Favorite Final Fantasy male character.
I attempted to pick someone other than Cloud Strife. -_- My brain would not allow it. Gogo (it?), Shadow, Locke, Squall, Kuja, Vivi, Zidane, Vaan and Balthier were my main picks besides Cloud...but I couldn't choose which one I liked more than Cloud. :/ Sorry! Another FFVII answer!

Day 15 – Favorite Final Fantasy female character.
If there was no Aerith, then Lulu, Terra and Lightning would be my top picks. But there IS an Aerith. She wins.

Day 16 – Your favorite Final Fantasy limit break.
Ok, so at first I was gonna say DUH. OMNISLASH. But then I realized there's different types of Omnislash. -_- Then I realized there were other Limit Breaks just like it (Lion Heart, Wishing Star, Blitz Ace). So I'm going by on a Limit I thought was the best cause it was the most useful in one specific amount of Omnislash knockoffs would have helped me back then. My choice limit break? Rinoa's Invincible Moon. -->Skip to 1:38 to see it<--

Day 17 – Favorite Final Fantasy mini game.
Easiest yet hardest question. There's only two mini games I actually invested the most time and effort in, and it was NOT Chocobo racing in FFVII. The two I'm deciding between is Triple Triad (FFVIII) and Chocobo Hot & Cold (FFIX). I completed them both, and I remember getting hyped when I'd get a character card or when I'd get stopped for getting too much stuff in H&C. Hmmm.....I think I'ma have to go with Chocobo Hot & Cold...because when you do're rewarded with a secret boss! :D ♥ Ozma ♥

Day 18 – Favorite Final Fantasy opening sequence.
An intro that is just awesome on so many levels...and has a song you can sing along to. Yay :D Final Fantasy VIII!

Day 19 – Best Final Fantasy outfit.
It took me awhile to think about it. I never liked any of the male outfits, except Cloud's. The female ones are always better IMO, so I chose between Rinoa (FF8), Terra (FF6), Beatrix & Princess Garnet (FF9), Yuna (FF10) and Lightning (FF13). I ended up choosing Lightning because her outfit is just the best one to me, Rinoa came in a VERY close second.

Day 20 – Best Final Fantasy hair.
Rydia (FF4), Terra's Esper form (FF6), Tifa/Cloud (FF7), Rinoa/Laguna (FF8), Dagger post-haircut (FF9), Yuna/Lulu (FF10), Vanille (FF13). These are all my choices I am picking from. I actually used to style my hair like Laguna's back in high school. :D LOL. I think, even with all the colorful styles (I'm really diggin' Terra's purple flame-like hair), I'm gonna have to choose Dagger (Princess Garnet). Her self-given haircut reminds me of Mulan. She wins. :)

Day 21 – Favorite Final Fantasy pairing/ship.
I've always liked how they wrote the story for Tidus and Yuna. It was meaningful, and they stuck it out til the end, and even then it was heart-wrenching...more so than Cloud and Aerith, because they were never really classified as a couple, even though they should have been. :/ But yes....I pick Tidus and Yuna :)

Day 22 – Favorite Final Fantasy summon.
I actually looked at every single summon and made a list. One that made it more than others? Odin. Close second was Bahamut. Others that were considered: Anima, Broomhilda, Diablo, Jumbo Cactuar & Tonberry King. *DOINK* :D Here's Odin from Final Fantasy: Crisis Core.

Day 23 – Least Favorite Final Fantasy mini game.
It's SUCH a close tie between Super Dunk in the Gold Saucer (FFVII) and Blitzball (FFX). I hated them BOTH. POINTLESS, STUPID, WASTE OF least ONE was optional...I didn't HAVE to play Super my least favorite goes tooooooo....BLITZBALL. I HATE YOU, BLITZBALL.

Day 24 – Best Final Fantasy quote.

"This is it. This... is your story. It all begins here."

Who can guess who said this quote & which FF it's from? :D ♥

Day 25 – Final Fantasy game you plan on playing (old or new).
As soon as I'm done replaying VII, I am going to start IX. :)

Day 26 – OMG WTF? Final Fantasy moment.
Final Fantasy VII. Honeybee Inn. O_O

Day 27 – Best Final Fantasy storyline.
AHHHHH here it comes! This is SUCH a toughie for me...but ok. While I liked MANY of the stories behind each FF I've played...the most complex of them to me was FFVI. YES, I'm finally choosing FFVI for something XD but yeah, the game was just so intricately put together, and it was easy to lose yourself in the story, characters, environment, EVERYTHING. The story was THAT well put together. Plus...the ending gave you a serious feeling of complete satisfaction. Yes. My choice for this day is Final Fantasy III / VI.

Day 28 – First Final Fantasy game obsession.
Well...that'd have to be Final Fantasy VII, even though my FIRST FF game was Mystic Quest. I played the shit outta that game though...I need to go get it again. Time to hit up TheROMShop :D So my answer for this day is, once again, Final Fantasy VII.

Day 29 – Current Final Fantasy game obsession.
Hmm...I don't currently have a FF game I'm obsessing about. :/ I don't think I should leave this blank, I guess I'll pick based on which mini-game I obsessed most about. Final Fantasy IX :) That Chocobo Hot & Cold makes me wanna play right now. Kind of. LOL. :)

Day 30 – Saddest Final Fantasy character death.
Ok, let's have a big debate about this, since it's the last day of the challenge. On one hand, OF COURSE, I have the death of Aerith Gainsborough. Her death was a COMPLETE SHOCKER. NOBODY anticipated it, and it was QUITE the tearjerker for me. On the OTHER hand...although not really a 'death', but the end of a dream, is Tidus. The whole ending of goodbyes to Yuna was ALSO a huge tearjerker to me. Since Those two are the main ones I am debating over...I will watch them both on Youtube right now. The one that makes me cry the most wins, and the video shall be posted. :)

That concludes my 30 Days of Final Fantasy Challenge! Thanks for reading!