Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Noobs, Zombies Curse, and New Games!

Ok, let's start out with what's the freshest memory I have...Christmas Noobs! For those that don't know what a Christmas Noob is, it's a title that you may bestow upon the people that get a game for Christmas when others have had it for a long while. 

Now, mind you, playing Black Ops as a Christmas Noob is a wee bit 'dangerous'. You will definitely get spotted as a Christmas Noob by your low level. That's mainly auto-detect right there. Nobody's gonna have this game for a week and still be on level 6 (and if there IS someone out there who is level 6 and has had the game a week...wassamattawitu? LOL). Another thing that will get you spotted is being a split-screener (nothing's worse than getting a game for Christmas and having to play it with someone else, when it's SO MUCH BETTER alone LOL). 

And while staying on the topic of Christmas...parents, if you ended up buying this game for your 'kids'...if they can't say 'SHIT' or 'FUCK', then this game should be taken away IMMEDIATELY. Nothing's worse than hearing a little kid trying to trashtalk in a lobby and avoiding cursing at all costs, so the DUMBEST things spew from their mouth. If they can't curse, take the game away. Better yet, TAKE THEIR MIC AWAY. PLEASE. I'm tired of hearing 'what the crap?' and those squeaky, high-pitched i-just-got-to-puberty voices. If the game has a 17+ rating, THEN YOU SHOULD ABIDE BY THE RULES OF THE ESRB. Don't get mad if you hear someone yelling at him dissin' his momma. 

Back to the topic at hand. Last night, I was in a lobby with a PSN friend of mine, and we were pointing out all the Christmas Noobs. We were the only ones with mics at that. Our first game of TDM in Firing Range, all the Christmas Noobs caught him. One had the audacity to snipe! SNIPE. He was OBVIOUSLY new to the game...because when we caught his ass camping, he went RIGHT BACK to the SAME SPOT and started sniping again! *noob* Second game, once again TDM Firing Range, they were catching ME and it was just too funny to point out who was new. it was too obvious. Camping in too-obvious spot? Check. Running around, most likely NOT checking your HUD? Check. Tsk tsk! This is why they have Combat training! That is to learn to play Multiplayer without pissing your other teammates off and being easy pickings for the other team. You DON'T wanna be the last kill every game, do you? You'll be the most famous kill-cam kill ever. you DON'T want that! My advice, USE COMBAT TRAINING!!!!! IT'S THERE FOR A REASON!!! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!! 

One more note before I go on to the next topic: Playing last night, we encountered some people who IMO should NOT play Black Ops...and if they WANT to, need to go to COMBAT TRAINING IMMEDIATELY. The PSNs of these two WILL be written because 1) this is not a forum, I'm not dissing them, this is merely ADVICE, and 2)You all have been warned of their asshole tactics: 


Now I'm not exactly sure HOW Nunnun4 committed his/her Christmas Noob crime, but I do know he/she followed my PSN friend around like a magnet to metal. Lesson ONE - NEVER RUN BEHIND YOUR FELLOW TEAMMATE THEN RUN OUT FRONT THEN RUN BEHIND. This is called BAITING. Sacrificing your own teammate for a kill is  BIG NO-NO. LargeFry, on the other hand...just ran away from someone chasing him. RAN AWAY. Now at first sight, you'd think he/she had no idea someone was chasing him. That's be fair enough if I didn't see him/her run away to somewhere BEHIND me, then end up in FRONT of me running TOWARDS me AWAY from ANOTHER PERSON chasing him/her!! The point of the game is to KILL your enemy team. If you can't seem to point and shoot, then Black Ops, or any FPS is obviously not for you. Get a different game!

Well damn, that was sort of a rant! ;D But I bet you're still reading! ^_^ On to the next topic! 



Ok, I'm not sure about anyone else, but on Christmas Day, I could NOT, by ANY means, get past level 10 in Zombies 'FIVE'. I played with ONE other friend, 2 randoms each time...and NOT ONCE did we get up to level 10! It was as if the Zombies were pre-patched to have an ultra-high HP and numbers were multiplied by 2. JUST MAYBE, it was Christmas Noobs my friend and I played with, but STILL. Getting to level 8 and dying is a joke! -_- Since then, I was able to get to level 29 with 2 other friends of mine, and last night we were able to get to level 25. We were all joking how when the zombies don't die via grenades, they must have on the flak jacket, and when they run and swipe at you so fast that you almost get downed, they must have Marathon Pro, Commando Pro and Lightweight lmfao! To people to have been that far in Zombies will know exACTly what we're talking about. exACTly. <--emphasis on the ACT. ;D Also, a window on the catwalk in the War Room was bugged...the Zombies would run to the window and instead of tearing down the wooden boards like they were supposed to do, they just stood there and 'danced'. Not exactly a choreographed number, just the usual wiggling and shaking they do. We joked around and said they were doing the Thriller hahahahaha. I would have recorded a video, but my memory card was full. Boooo :(

Now for the new games I've heard about and would like to share with you all <3 



For all you Sonic the Hedgehog fans, I stumbled across this fan-made game while reading my latest copy of Game Informer: Sonic Fan Remix is a free download, and plays SO MUCH BETTER than the official Sonic sequel, Sonic 4. There's just something about the fluidity of Sonic's movement's in Sonic 4 that bother me A LOT. It's as if there's an invisible wall in front of him that doesn't allow him to take a few steps forward after stopping a fast run. Remember when he used to slide a little? Yeah, that doesn't happen in Sonic 4 and WHY it bothers me, I will never actually figure out...but it does. So there. SFR is only 3 levels long, but the Robotnik Theme Remix at the start-up screen is AWESOME. I found myself leaving the game on that screen just to hear the music. Reminds me of what I did back in the day to hear the music from Donkey Kong Country ^_^ Pause, turn up volume and walk away from tv. 

Another game I'm dying to try is one called Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I read lots of reviews saying that it's really scary, and even though games that are scary make me nervous (I can't play Silent Hill smh) I still like to try them. To see the official trailer, click ----> Amnesia: The Dark Descent Official Gameplay Trailer. The game is on SALE right now for only $ if it looks like something you'd wanna play, get it now before the sale is over! Click here to visit the main website to get a demo or purchase the game. It's HIGHLY recommended that you get the demo to see if your computer can handle the graphics, though, because it seems that outdated drivers are a problem to play this game. If the demo works, then you're in the clear. If not, then you'll have to update your drivers, and make sure that the game is even compatible with your system. 

Ok, I think that's it for now. Til next time, gamers!!! ^_^


  1. Love it! You're vry correct on all the points that you made! Oh if you're a Christmas noob that jus read this and now reading my comment plz keep up the running around aimlessly so I can boost my kdr..Lmao Ty!

    Yours truly AceDaGunner...BITCHESSSSS! Lmao

  2. I did the exact same thing with Donkey Kong Country. :) At least DKC2 let you play the music straight from the new game menu. :)

    I did that with A LOT of games actually. :)

    1. I used to love leaving the sound test menu on for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ^_^ I absolutely love music from the older consoles.