Thursday, December 30, 2010

Quick Story ^_^

I was playing multiplayer today, and some dude was talking LOTS of shit, going, 'I can't wait til you lil kids go back to school, always talkin shit, ya'll need to go back to school'. He singles me out, saying, 'look at this dude got GIRL on his clan tag, he must be a fag'. LMAO! Really?? I said 'IT SAYS GIRL FOR A REASON', which he replies, 'Oh wow, you sound like a dude'. He started laughing, I guess he thought he sounded extra clever or whatever. It takes more than 'you sound like a dude' to offend me. You GOTTA do better than THAT hahaha. So I told him about how he's saying all these kids are talking shit when he himself is just spewing diarrhea from his mouth constantly, and he tells me, 'but I'm talking to YOU'. I had to remind him that before he singled me out, he was talking about school kids in general, and again he says, 'but I'm talking to YOU'. So I check his k/d and it's .86, so I tell him calmly, 'you shouldn't be talking to ANYONE with that .86 k/d of yours'. I'm guessing that he checked my Combat Record after that, to see if maybe he had another lame response for me, but he said nothing after my last remark. I think my 1.21 k/d shut him up. Even during the next game, he was still yapping but left me alone. Lesson of the day? If the clan tag says GIRL, it most likely IS a female, and never diss a female that's better than you are, because that's an instant embarrassment for you. <3

Til next time, gamers!!


  1. Lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well said!

  2. I think, as you demonstrated, that playing well is the best answer to any baseless attack like that. He can talk all the crap he wants but nothing he says will change the fact that you're better at the game than him.

  3. I always hated people who randomly chose people to pick on. I always love trolling the trolls, though. ;)