Sunday, August 12, 2012

Why Was KAGC Created?

I never really felt like I had to explain why I made Knowing an Awesome Gamerchick. I figured the title explained it...when you click "like" on Facebook, it says YadaYada likes Knowing an Awesome Gamerchick. That means the must know an awesome gamerchick, whether it be someone you know or yourself. Simple, no?

I did NOT make the fanpage for 'female empowerment in the gaming industry'. I did not make it to rally females in the world to take charge in online gaming. I did not make it to become a therapist to females who are sad they don't know how to play certain games. I made the page so I can post things about gaming. Videos, pictures, links, funny stories I've heard, funny things that happened during my gaming sessions, that sort of thing. It's not something I do seriously, it's not something I thought of doing seriously, and it will remain something I do strictly for fun.

There is a reason why my page is accessible only to people who are 17 years old and older. I don't have the patience for little kids wanting someone to answer their every possible question they can think of regarding gaming, then have their little snotty attitude when it doesn't get answered to their liking. I'd rather keep it where mature people [I would hope] are the only ones my admins and I will have to interact with.

I don't have the time for stupidity or trolls...I can troll you better than you can attempt to troll me, so please don't try it. Just respect the page, respect the admins, and you will receive respect in return. Rants about gaming are welcome, no need to have [expletive deleted]...I don't give a fuck about language unless it's toward someone on the page in a bad way. You will then meet the banhammer if that's the case. Other than everything else I wrote, I hope everyone is enjoying what is posted and invites their friends to join in on the fun. Long live the gamerchicks of the world!!!!!

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