Sunday, June 17, 2012

What's Going On, Ladies? *Mini Rant*

Ok, I've noticed there are more females hating on/talking shit to other females while I'm playing COD. While it's pretty much a given that guys will shit talk anyone who basically gets in a lobby, why are you females showing off in front of the dudes? YES, this IS what's happening, because each one I have encountered was with GUY friends. Let me break it down for you bitches nice and clear.

First off....if you camp and you're proud that your immobile abilities have given you a high k/ suck. Then again, DON'T use Assassin/Blind Eye to get your kills and then get mad when I use it to kill you. I can't see you, now you can't see me. Fight fair or don't play at all....and don't get your panties in a twist either.

Second, I'm all for trolling. Trolling is fun when done properly. The thing is...I'll know when you're full of shit the moment I hear those few seconds of rage on my headset when I shoot and kill you first. Trolls don't rage. If you have to're mad. It's ok to admit that you're mad. Just don't say you're not mad when I clearly heard you scream angrily into your mic after you died.

Third...if you're gonna yap away about how awesome your skills are and how you're gonna whoop ass....PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, BACK YOUR SHIT UP. Don't come at me  with your high prestige or high k/d ass only to have me hand it back to you on a silver platter. If you can't back your shit up, then shut up. PLEASE SHUT UP. There, I tried to be nicer.

One more thing: I play to have fun with my buddies. Yeah, there's always gonna be those idiots who automatically target me because of my [GIRL] tag. Yeah, there's always gonna be those idiots who say I sound like a man [oh well]. When it's another female showing off to look cute for the gets me amped to make you look like a douche. Mission accomplished on so many levels.

Just a friendly warning....I'll be ready for each and every one of you. *cue sinister exit music*


  1. Games don't make people violent... Douche-y female gamers make people violent!

  2. Neither should make people violent LOL it's just a game! People are supposed to enjoy it, not make it hell :)