Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Nightlife of a GamerMom *OLD POST CONTENT*

I wrote this near the end of 2010. Sora was only 1 year old. Now he's 3 years old. Awwwww. Instead of him kicking me, now he watches me play and copies all of the things he sees. -_- I'm not sure which is worse.


It’s about 11:00pm. Sora, my youngest child, refuses to sleep. I’m beyond frustrated and he looks at me and laughs. ARGH. Time to get his little rocking chair and turn on the PS3. As I look through my friends list, I see nearly everyone playing Modern Warfare 2, and I want in. As I place Sora in his chair and buckle him in, I start up my game. While the game loads, I place the heavy weight of the chair with Sora in it on my lap and get my headset ready. Little feet start smacking my face around as I join a party I’m invited to.

As we start the game, I don’t hear a peep from Sora since he’s too busy watching me play. It’s only when I get a little carried away on the headset that he reminds me that he’s still on my lap. On the screen, I see HEADSHOT! Just a half second later, I get kicked in the face. Literally. Next, my headset gets knocked off my ears by his toes and dangles just below my chin. I quickly grab the wire and blindly press for the mute button before Sora starts his wailing. As I’m continuing to hunt for the next objective, I begin a steady rocking on my lap for Sora to fall asleep to. Even though I hear people on my headset say “Where’d Shady go?”, I continue to play as if I were never using the headset to begin with.

Everything seems to be going good for both Sora and my team. He’s falling asleep and we’re winning. Suddenly, I’m kicked in the mouth again. As I’m capturing the objective, I feel the pain in my lip and my lower gums. I’m probably going to get a canker sore from that kick. I put it in the back of my mind as I continue rocking the chair, capturing and defending the objectives. FINALLY, the game is over, and Sora’s asleep. Mission accomplished on both ends.

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