Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Random MW3 Gaming Session featuring Shady & Admin Sanyo!

So me, my cousin, a PSN friend of mine & fellow admin Mikey [Sanyo] are playing a few games of Modern Warfare 3. The opposing team had a few people with the clan tag of [GODZ]...and since this is my blog and I write what I want, their actual PSNs are:
 Our first game in Outpost was pretty bad, due to me having a random allergy attack and violent sneezing. Mikey had to do lots of OT to cover my ass [thanks buddy ^_^]. After-game chat was pretty non-existant. Next map is chosen. Enter DOME.

We're getting our game on, playing pretty normal. All of a sudden, ultima-lag hits. My game, along with a few others on my team, starts freezing up extremely bad. We ended up winning by a slight margin. After-game chat starts with the excuses for them losing, why we won, etc. Apparently, the lag was our fault. We lag switched. They couldn't take the loss like men. My k/d on our Outpost game was 8/13...I didn't whine and blame other people for my terrible skills. I blamed my random allergies. *shrug* They spot my clan tag, which is [GIRL]. I'm automatically the next target because "I sound like a tranny". *yawn* Old insults apparently never go out of style....and it would seem more dudes use [GIRL] as a clan tag than I've ever seen, since everyone says I must be a guy. o_O Enter RESISTANCE.

No lag this game, just lots of pwning from us to them. This is what happens when you accuse someone of get your ass handed to you. Take the loss like a man! The game ends, they start complaining AGAIN, and have the audacity to ask me how my shotgun turned into a sniper rifle. O_O The only gun I used the whole game was this right here, the M4A1 [mine is golden]: 

They OBVIOUSLY weren't paying any attention and just wanted to fuck with me cause I'm A GIRL. -_- The next map is ready, enter MISSION!

Right before the map starts loading, we hear one clan member ask the other if they are ready to kick our asses. Instead of answering him directly, we hear via his mic's tv echoes [he muted us] that "Imshady sounds like a boy who hasn't reached puberty". >_> Ok, since I am obviously your main target right now, it seems like I have some pwning to do. They tried their best to whoop ass...but that didn't work out as good as they'd hoped. We came out on top once again, and they STILL had nothing better to do than complain about how we cheated. Then, the person who had the game-winning killcam [nauditharipper] happened to be using a shotgun. WHY does one of them HAVE to try and sound intelligent and say, "That sure looks like a shotgun to me, doesn't it?" >_____> I had to yell at him. I had to. MY PSN IS IMSHADY. 'IMSHADY' LOOKS AND SOUNDS NOTHING LIKE 'NAUDITHARIPPER'!!! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! It got a bit silent after that. Best part? They left the lobby. ^_^ And now, because [GIRL] gets me so much stupid/negative attention, I really changed my clan tag to [AGUY]. Let's see how much shit people give me now. ^_-


  1. Lmao. I would of never thought Id find someone writing a blog about me and my people's. We might have been having a bad day, fine...but for the record we were not the ones complaining. Why you singled us out, I don't know, we all have mics but we don't use them. Why? Because its pointless to get into arguements with people over the internet. No one uses the mic what it's for, team work. Only bitching and whining. So we don't use them. So I'm suprised that you would say that we were the ones complaining when we don't use mics. I'm pulling the bullshit card on this one. But your blog was entertaining to say the least.

  2. Add me so I can sodomize you and your clan.

  3. Maybe it wasn't you specifically, but I put your "clan" on blast because as a clan, you are a TEAM, therefore you are viewed as a whole. I would not have wrote what I did just for the hell of it, what I wrote actually happened. Unfortunately, I was not able to record my games back then so I can't show you I am not lying, but it was in February dude. I get a lot of BS my way for being a female using [GIRL] as a clan tag, and because I don't sound like a high-pitched giggly cheerleader, people auto-assume I'm a dude, fag, etc. As for my blog, I write nothing but the truth, I have no need to make stuff up. Your clan members, whether it be one or all of you, were using mics. It's nice that you Googled yourself and came across it though, at least you took the time to read it and write a reply, and for that, thank you. Other than that, I don't have a clan. I just roll with my buddies when they're online. Good luck with your clan, and tell the others I said hi. >:D

    1. It's all love. I have much respect for female gamers, especially those who play MW. I can't recall the events of that day but I will apologize for whatever comments were made. After all it's just a game. Peace.

    2. True, no hard feelings on my end, it was just something to write about. I do a lot of 'venting', rants, etc. on my facebook page [], but it's purely "in the moment". I'm not a rager, I'm gonna tell someone I can kick their ass, etc etc. When the game ends, that's pretty much it lol. Feel free to stop by the fb page if you're over 17 years old [or else you won't find it]. Once again, thanks for taking the time to read and comment...even if it was about you and your buddies ^_- Maybe one day we can play again, same team this time. :)

  4. Oh yeah I'm way over 17 lol X2+2. Unfortunately I don't Facebook. Add me though if you like. OZama-BIN-MuRkiN