Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just a Random Thought...

I remember the days when I first started playing FarmVille on Facebook. I remember thinking far ahead of time to see when I'd be home to harvest my crops so they didn't wither. Then came Restaurant City, where I had to return to my restaurant every 3 hours to replenish my worker's energy bars. Then it was Cafe World. Then it was Mafia Wars. Then School of Wizardry....I'm pretty sure you get the point. On that note, I was thinking... are console games as addicting as computer games? A lot more people own some type of computer nowadays, and 'casual' gaming as evolved from the simple days of Bejeweled and Super Collapse! and whoever does own a computer is most likely attached to it for a good amount of time each day. I myself never heard anyone say 'OMG my killstreak bonus ends at 5pm!' or something silly to that nature. I can spend about an hour just rearranging my cafe in Cafe World...but spend 30 minutes playing Modern Warfare 2 and be satisfied that my n00b pwning has been achieved for the day. =] But compare that to someone who plays World of Warcraft for 10 hours a day, usually nonstop except for bathroom and food breaks. To all you readers...what do you think?


  1. Hey, Awesome Gamerchick! I think, like everything else, people will take stuff to the extreme WoW probably being just the popular news story. All games have their place the games on Facebook are simply there to ensure people log in and stay up to date (kinda pointless to link everyone up and not have them log in).

    I myself don't play the Facebook games or games on the computer. I think the console gives more a challenge for gamers. Like God of War 3 (which I beat recently) I found myself dying alot which was fun because victory wasn't achieved by something simple like clicking on finish him (you get the point). Another game I enjoyed was Metal Gear Solid 4 which has so many different ways to deal with a problem such as having to sneak past certain defeat, or getting caught up in a gun fight, or you could simply engage and see how the battle turns out. Final Fantasy was fun too in using the paradigm system where you had to choose a set with the anticipation of how the fight will go (my opinion though they need better challenges at the end to keep it interesting). I however found myself frustrated when I needed just one person to change their role and I couldn't do that or at least go to a different character and run their actions in their role while everyone else keeps fighting (I sometimes miscalculated the effectiveness of the roles).

    As long as games continue to find ways to keep me losing in a honest manner I'll continue to be content to playing them since it shows that I failed to add up the situation correctly. Just as long as I don't die to lame deaths.

  2. I think the key difference between games like Modern Warfare and games like WoW is that the online games make their money from a player's continual investment.

    With an X360 game, you buy it and that's it. The game company doesn't care how much you play it or even IF you play it. You bought it, they got their money.

    With WoW, you stop playing, you stop paying. So Blizzard has a strong incentive to keep you playing the game. So the reason you won't see as many people getting hooked on console games is because the console games aren't TRYING to get people so addicted they can't leave the computer.