Monday, December 17, 2012

Video Game Ask!

Taken from the awesome page EliteSkilledGamers

Here you fans go!!

Video game ask! 

Favorite console? [Old] SNES, [New] PS3

Favorite controller? PlayStation
Favorite handheld system? PSP
Favorite NES game? Dr. Mario
Favorite SNES game? Donkey Kong Country
Favorite N64 game? Super Mario 64
Favorite Genesis game? Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Favorite Gamecube game? Resident Evil remake
Favorite Wii game? Dr. Mario Online Rx
Favorite Playstation game? Final Fantasy VII
Favorite Xbox game? Left for Dead 2 [The only game I liked on XBOX that I played]
Favorite Game Boy Color game? Pokemon Pinball
Favorite Game Boy Advance game? Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
Favorite DS game? Brain Age
3DS vs. DS? I turn off the 3D on my cousin's DS.
Nintendo vs. Sega? Nintendo
Best graphics? On what? One game? Battlefield 3 I guess.
3D vs. 2D? Depends on the game... 
Best soundtrack? Final Fantasy VII
Best cut scenes? Final Fantasy X
Best voice acting? Chris Redfield in RE5
Most satisfying game? Pokemon Red/Yellow
Modern games vs. classic games? I like them both equally
Favorite genre? RPG 
Favorite game series? Final Fantasy
Favorite RPG game? Final Fantasy VII
Favorite action game? Grand Theft Auto San Andreas / IV
Favorite adventure game? Tomb Raider
Favorite fighting style game? Marvel vs Capcom 2
Favorite strategy game? Intelligent Qube
Favorite puzzle game? Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
Favorite in-game minigame? The Servebot minigames in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne/Triple Triad from Final Fantasy VIII
Favorite male protagonist? Cloud Strife
Favorite female protagonist? Lara Croft
Favorite antagonist? Bowser
Most annoying character? Seymour from Final Fantasy X...didn't like his voice.
Favorite sidekick? Tails
Favorite weapon style? Assault
All time favorite weapon? Grenade Launchers
A game you are looking forward to? Tomb Raider 2013
Games you are currently playing? Black Ops 2 
Favorite Halo title? Never played it
League of Legends vs. World of Warcraft? WoW 
Thoughts on Assassins Creed? Looks like fun, I guess.
Skyrim vs. Minecraft? Skyrim
Favorite movie tie-in game? Tomb Raider
Favorite Disney released game? Kingdom Hearts
Favorite PC game? Unreal Tournament
Favorite Video game character? Aerith Gainsborough
Favorite Animal Crossing villager? Never played it
Favorite Pokemon region? Kanto
Favorite Pokemon type? Fire
List your ideal Pokemon team? Mewtwo, Charizard, Articuno. Only 3 Pokemon I ever needed.
Favorite Final Fantasy game? VII
Favorite Zelda game? A Link to the Past
Favorite Zelda temple? I don't know them by name.
Favorite Mario/Mario Bros. game? Super Mario RPG
Favorite Sonic game? Sonic the Hedgehog 2

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