Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Curse of Chucky...YES. THANK YOU.

My thoughts on the new movie Curse Of Chucky? MUCH BETTER than Seed of Chucky. What in the fuck were they thinking when they made that shit? -_- This one has a better storyline and his face is creepy as shit with that smile. Oh yeah...the ending didn't piss me off, much more of a cliffhanger...a GOOD one. :D Thank you movie makers for a GOOD *back story* on Chucky! Finally, we see what drove Charles Lee Ray to run into the Good Guys shop (I thought he ran into a factory in the original? Or am I mistaken?), after what I initially thought he was running because he murdered somebody. They always mentioned he was a murderer, so I figured the cops were after him for one of those. The killing wasn't really gruesome as some may think...kind of eh, but I guess it's because it WAS a straight to DVD movie. Not really a lot of blood, actually no nudity than I can recall off the top of my head...which is rare for horror movies these days. The main character, actually Brad Dourif's daughter. NICE. It was really distracting that every time I saw her face, I was reminded of the singer Shakira, though. She could easily be her doppelganger.  All in all...I'd say if they stick to this formula instead of going back to the 'comedy' Chucky...they could really do a great comeback. It was actually enjoyable to watch. Didn't feel like a waste of time to me at all. Oh, and of COURSE Tiffany makes an appearance. I won't say how or where. If you can, and are a fan of Chucky movies, I'd say you need to see this new one. You might like it as much as I did...and if not, I'll bet you'd still say it was better than Seed of Chucky. >_<

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